The Sandwich Club is a multidisciplinary spatial design collective interested in how space influences social gathering (virtual and physical).   From online gamers, to 5-aside players, community gardeners to night time dancers, we look to see how design can inform and create community culture.

Welcome to Warren Street: 2024

The People’s Shop Brixton: 2023

Nest Centre: 2022

School 360: 2022

SET Courtyard Woolwich: 2021

The Trade-Inn for Spring: 2021

The Old House Project: 2021

Cuckfields Festival: 2021

Joyful Benches: 2021

Hackney Bumps: 2020

Lloyd’s Wharf: 2020

The Forum: 2020

The Peacock Crossing: 2020

Brainchild Festival: 2018