The Sandwich Club is a multidisciplinary spatial design collective interested in how space influences social gathering (virtual and physical).   From online gamers, to 5-aside players, community gardeners to night time dancers, we look to see how design can inform and create community culture.

Made up of a group of architects, landscape architects, community workers, growers and artists, the Sandwich Club combines a range of skills, knowledge and expertise surrounding  community design in the built environment. 

The club is focused on creating spaces in the urban environment which have meaning to the people that live in them. 

For the club, spaces that have meaning both bring people together and reconnect them to the natural world. Far too often in cities these things are not prioritised.   

In addition to their professional skills, each club member brings an extra filling to the sandwich, from DJing to skateboarding to bird watching. 

By working together with these unlikely combinations of skills and interests, the club aims to introduce a wider variety of uses and users to a public space with the effect of creating different and new social relationships through communal spatial interaction.