Hackney Bumps

Hackney Bumps is a community skatepark project based in Hackney, East London. The original skatepark was built in 1986 and effectively abandoned until it was taken over, it was rough, cracked and barely skateable.

Sandwich Club member Sam Elstub has joined a group of volunteers that have been on a mission to regenerate the Bumps to their former glory, and some.

The previously unrideable concrete surface has been painstakingly smoothed out over the course of a year with hand polishing machines and then sprayed with a concrete sealer to protect it against the elements for years to come. On top of this, the Hackney Bumps group has also taken it upon themselves to build new concrete obstacles in the park, designed sympathetically to the original forms of the park in mind. This has all been made possible through a crowdfunding campaign and the hard work of locals. The work hasn´t stopped yet and plans for expansion are underway for 2021.

The work has seen a huge transformation in the demographic of people using the space, from 3 year old kids to lifelong skateboarders, and everyone in between. It has become a community hotspot in the borough of Hackney where all are welcome to come and try skating or just hang out and meet some new faces.