Phil Bailey

Horticulturalist + BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture 

Phil is a professional gardener, practical thinker / maker and keen observer or the natural and urban environments.

H works in a hands on role managing the maintenance + development of a spectrum of high level gardens in London and the south. With 6 years professional horticulture practice, arboriculture experience and a long term allotmenteer and grower; Phil has accumulated a broad and in-depth view of the natural and managed world with specific interest in public spaces + gardens, organic food and flower growing, wildlife gardening practice, urban design, horticulture and arboriculture.

After studying landscape architecture at Greenwich University the overlap and interest of his professional work and past study have intertwined to create and develop a varied understanding for the horticultural environment with focus on how space is perceived and how the aspect of space effects the enjoyment and mental stimulus when viewing a curated garden or landscape.